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Issuing time:2022-09-15 12:08


Mr. Chu BongFoo, the Forever Honorary Chairman of Culturecom Holdings Limited and hailed as“The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, and Chu BongFoo Workshop (the “Workshop”) recently stated Dragon Chip, the world's first brain-likesmart chip with Chinese algorithm as the underlying technology, has beendeveloped, and will bemass-produced and applied to the brain-like computer market, driving thedevelopment of the industry 4.0 robotic brain-like intelligence industry.

Workshopstated that the research and development of computer brain technology wasstarted at the same time as IBM in the United States in the early 1980s. After morethan 40 years of long-term efforts, the entire mainstream brain-like computingis still at the stage of academic research. After five years of applicationtesting, our Chinese brain-like computer can already enter the productionstage. We can proudly announce that we have achieved Chinese brain-likecomputers, and high-intelligence products such as brain-like PCs, brain-likeInternet of Things (“IoT”), brain-likerobots, brain-like cars, and brain-like appliances will officially enter humanlife.

The launch of Dragon Chip, will be amajor breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence by computers.The Kernel of Dragon code --- Dragon code system, is the world's first AIComputer Code that applies independent intellectual property rights in allChinese computing codes. Through Chinese algorithms, the machine has thecharacteristics of "concept, attribute, and classification", so itcan understand concepts, understand, think and judge, and be able to respond.The first generation of Dragon Chip was built on the X86 architecture, will beapplied to personal computers, so that traditional computers can be quicklyupgraded to brain-like computers, which will make a significant contribution tothe upgrading of global computers, from traditional number operations tobrain-like operations, and computers can be applied to artificial Intelligenceand the IoT are widely applied to intelligent communities with highintelligence systems such as industrial manufacturing.

The second generation of Dragon Chipwas built on Brain-like intelligent NPU chip with RISC-V architecture, relyingon the parent company's application R&D precipitation and the underlyingtechnology blessing of the Macau R&D headquarters, Dragon Chip cuts intothe artificial intelligence ecosystem with a lightweight technical structure,and empowers the Industry 4.0 artificial intelligence industry with strongcompatibility, scalability, and low energy consumption. It can build theunderstanding brain of the robot industry and provide a modular brain-likelanguage understanding (NLU) solution for China's intelligent manufacturing.

Dragon Chip is currently focusing ontaking the lead in the fields of smart home, human-vehicle interaction,consumer electronics and other fields, thereby driving the artificialintelligence application of the entire IoT. Independent research anddevelopment and technological independence are the core mission of Dragon Chip.The Dragon Chip, which is developed and produced based on the bottom layer ofChinese technology, plays the role of Chinese AI infrastructure in the hugerobot industry, and gradually solves the problem of artificial intelligencebrain-like understanding “bottleneck” problem.

Mr. Chu Bong Foo stated that"Brain Computer" can be successfully developed is the pride ofChinese nation. To strengthen a nation, we must first strengthen culture. Thegenes of Chinese characters left by our ancestors are far-reaching, Chinesecharacters are the accumulation of thousands of years of culture and wisdom,Chinese characters’ concept has an irreplaceable status in statistics. Afterthe digitization of Chinese characters, it will inevitably bring a strongimpetus to the world's digital economy. I appreciate from the long-term supportshareholders and friends!

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