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Long live | successful IP originality is the soul

Issuing time:2021-11-08 12:55


"The most important factor of successful IP (intellectual property) is originality!" Guanjiancong, the managing director of cultural communication, believes that originality is the soul of IP, whether comic books or literary works. Without originality, it may be doomed to be difficult to spread in the world.

"For example, martial arts novelist Gu Long's" the legend of Chu Liuxiang "," the peerless double pride ", as well as Jin Yong's" the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero "and" the eagle warrior ", why do so many people like to watch it?" Guan jiancong explained that these stories not only shape the characters, but also endow them with "vitality". After years of inheritance, they have imperceptibly created a culture.

Guan jiancong mentioned that in the part of Chiyou in the new book dragon and tiger gate, he was both righteous and evil. He had predicted that Chiyou would die, which immediately caused dissatisfaction among readers. Finally, the sales of the new book dragon and tiger gate decreased by 3000 books in the current period.

The animation industry in the mainland is in the ascendant, but Guan jiancong believes that there are still few creative IPS in the mainland. For example, journey to the West has made hundreds of films, reflecting that it is not easy to create personas that are popular with audiences. He pointed out that the mainland market is huge, but the number of IP is not enough to meet the market, so there is an urgent need to re create on the basis of original IP.

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