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Culturecom senior executives take office / plan to promote NFT related spac in the future

Issuing time:2022-07-14 12:39

Picture: Wang Ganwen, chairman and non-executive director of cultural communication, is known as the "godfather of Asia spac".

In April this year, Wang Ganwen, known as the "godfather of Asian spac (Special Purpose Acquisition company)", was appointed as the chairman and non-executive director of the group by cultural communication.

Guan jiancong said, "Chairman (Wang Ganwen) has quite rich experience in SPAC and believes that it will help the company's future development. Our future plan is to launch NFT related spac. Even though there are not many such spacs in the U.S. market at present, U.S. investors still have a high degree of acceptance of spac, and we believe that they will still choose the U.S. market in the future."

Since 2014, Wang Ganwen has served as the initiator, consultant or management team of a number of special purpose acquisition companies ("spac") listed in the United States, including the independent director of DT Asia Investment Limited (us:cadt) and the chairman and CEO of Norwich Investment Limited, the initiator of Tottenham acquisition I Limited (us:tota), And the director of ACE Global Investment Limited, the initiator of ACE global business acquisition Limited (us:acba), which has initiated business merger.

In addition to participating in the SPAC listed in the United States, Wang Ganwen was also appointed as the executive director and CEO of ACE eight Acquisition Corporation, which is a spac and has submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388).

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