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Mr. Chu Bong Foo, the Forever Honorary Chairman of Culturecom Holdings Limited and hailed as“The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, and Chu Bong Foo Workshop (the “Workshop”) recently stated Drag...
Business transformation seems daunting, but the Metaverse is a promising land that Culturecom is looking to take a footstep in with their comic IPs.
Even with the pressure of "having to change", enterprises often look ahead and backward, and even enter the transformation dilemma of "taking two steps forward and one step backward". Facing the gener
Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Yufei) yesterday, a cultural communication letter from a Hong Kong listed company confirmed that Taiwan singer Jay Chou would take a stake in hi...
"The most important factor of successful IP (intellectual property) is originality!" Guanjiancong, the managing director of cultural communication, believes that originality is the soul of IP, whether
With the progress of the times, today's urbanites have a wide range of entertainment options. The comics that used to accompany the growth of Hong Kong people have become part of the collective memory