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Culturecom Holdings Limited, listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00343.HK), is one of the largest comic book publishers and media content providers in Asia with over 40 years of experience and dedication in the comic book industry. Culturecom’s core ideology is to “broaden Chinese culture and encourage social development”. With the help of emerging technologies, Culturecom seeks to both bring new content to local consumers and breakthrough to new markets. Since 1970s, our comics have enjoyed wide recognition in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and amongst Chinese-speaking population in other regions around the globe. Culturecom owns over two hundred comic titles and the catalogue spans across various genres ranging from Martial Arts action to contemporary romance, targeting the full spectrum of comic book readers. Not being confined to just local Chinese comics, the Group became the first company in Hong Kong to gain official license to Japanese manga (Dragonball, Doraemon etc) and western comics. Besides just publishing comics, Culturecom started licensing Chinese Gamers Corporation to develop the Chinese Hero Online Game in 2009. The game earned NT$ 2,200,000,000 (USD $66,000,000) in two years, setting the record for the highest profits in the China and Southeast Asia video game industry. Culturecom has also developed huge breakthroughs in technology. In 1999 our Chairman Mr. Chu Bong Foo, “The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, joined Culturecom and led the Group to the forefront of the creative media and technology businesses. An example of Mr. Chu’s innovative work was the Cangjie Character Generating Engine that enabled the use of Chinese characters in the Windows interface. The Engine is considered a ground-breaking technological advance for the Chinese society. In July 2003, Culturecom developed the first computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) to have Chinese language embedded in its core. It is called the “V-Dragon CPU” and was developed in partnership with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). In 2005 Culturecom purchased Crusoe processing technology from renowned American chip manufacturer Transmeta, becoming the first foreign company to obtain American CPU core processor technology. In 2011, Culturecom created in partnership with Asian superstar Jay Chou. The platform combines advanced cloud computing technology, Jay Chou’s creative vision and Culturecom’s vast array of comic book properties. The result is Ucan Cloud City, a virtual community where individuals can satisfy their greatest ambitions. As social media continues to grow, globalised growth becomes more inevitable as users find more ways to engage and share. Having seen the arrival of social gaming and huge player numbers on mobile platforms, a new breed of companies are beginning capitalise on this sector of the interactive entertainment market – including Culturecom. The company and China Gamer International Corporation (TWSE: 3083) will develop an online mobile app game with our comic trademark “Chinese Hero” .With the intention to launch the mobile app on a global scale in Q3 2013, it will provide the confidence to monetise more of our gaming IP. Going forward, Culturecom will continue to lead the Chinese entertainment and technology markets by providing both unique media properties that enjoy mass consumer appeal and state-of-the-art breakthroughs in computer implementations. With an unmatched passion for creativity and innovation, we are determined to help transform our society and expand the boundaries of the Chinese marketplace with the contributions of our media and technology products.
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