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Mr. Chu Bong Foo, inventor of the Cangie Input Method and hailed as “The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, joined Culturecom as our Chairman and led the Group to the forefront of the creative media and technology businesses.
- In July, a symposium on the "genetic theory of Chinese characters" was held in Beijing, which was highly valued by scholars around the world. Professor Changlin Tian, President of Berkeley University, made a special trip from the United States to Beijing to attend the conference.
- As the first kung fu film adapted from comics, Chinese hero was released in Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific regions.
-The "humanities electronic textbook Technology Co., Ltd." was jointly established with the people's education press of China to jointly explore the domestic market of 240million primary and secondary school students and launch the first generation of "people's education electronic textbooks".
- It established a joint venture with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop Chinese 2000 Linux office software, and successfully Beat Microsoft to obtain an order for office software from the Beijing government.
- In March, the "Chinese culture alliance" was formed with more than 100 large publishers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to jointly support the Chinese e-book publishing standard and move towards the era of Chinese e-publishing.
-Taking Macao as the scientific research base, Zhu Bong Foo successfully transformed traditional characters into messenger characters and scientific and technological characters, condensed Chinese characters accumulated for thousands of years to less than 1MB Memory Capacity by using font generator technology, and successfully "logged in" into the CPU processor, breaking through the gap of CPU in the word processor.

- In July, it was rated as the top ten best corporate governance companies in Greater China by Euromoney, a world-famous financial magazine.
- Acquire the brand, management and operation rights of the leading Midori Linux platform founded by Linux from Transmeta Corporation, a famous chip manufacturer in the United States.
- In July, we jointly developed the world's first embedded Chinese core "Dragon CPU" with IBM, and the group fully completed the construction of a huge Chinese information infrastructure project.
- In July, the group established the country's first urban informatization E-Town pilot project in yun'an County, Guangdong Province, and the first industrial informatization processing project in China's remote towns, which will help accelerate rural informatization.
- In March, the group attended the IBM Global Summit and was the only enterprise in Greater China that was invited to be a strategic partner of "power ecosystem".
- It negotiated with Transmeta, a famous chip manufacturer in the United States, to purchase Crusoe core processor technology, becoming the first foreign company to challenge the transfer of CPU core technology in the United States.
-The wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, netmart online (Macau), launched Ucan Mo, cooperate with Asian superstar Jay Chou, the target market is greater China and Southeast Asia, establish an animation network interactive entrepreneur platform, and create a new animation market.

- In cooperation with Chinese Gamer International, one of Taiwan's largest online game developers, Hong Kong and Taiwan simultaneously launched the online online game "China Hero Online" in August 2009.
-The group authorized to fully open the copyright of comics and attract people from all walks of life to participate in the animation network interactive entrepreneur platform.
UCAN participated in the China Mobile global developer conference in Guangzhou, China, and the Beijing UCAN seminar "exporting Chinese cultural industries" launched UCAN Cloud City - a metaverse Hong Kong concept of the time.
In Foshan, China - UCAN China good voice online interactive singing game concert
2016 - 2021
Investment in emerging technologies such as big data analytics and AI. In 2021, Culture announced the acquisition of Imitation Brain Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, a technology start-up specialized in Chinese AI infrastructure.

Mr. Jason Wong Kon Man, hailed as "the godfather of SPACs in Asia”, joined Culturecom as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, directing our pivot into next-generation technology enabled cultural media.