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Cultural communication, communication culture! The long-standing Chinese civilization has nourished every generation of Chinese people; The wisdom of ancient ancestors is as bright as stars, leaving us precious intangible wealth; The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is bound to be accompanied by the great rejuvenation of Chinese science and technology, which is an irreversible historical trend. With decades of ups and downs, cultural communication has never given up the great dream of carrying forward Chinese culture and developing Chinese science and technology! Through the combination of culture and scientific and technological innovation, promote the development of creative economy, help the rejuvenation of Chinese culture and science and technology, and achieve the dreams of individuals and society! This is the biggest mission and responsibility of Culturecom!
Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation
Cultural communication is a member of the Hong Kong Animation and Painting Association, which was founded in 1999. As a member, our responsibilities and objectives are:
·Unite the cartoon industry and promote cartoon culture; ·Strengthen the enthusiasm and consciousness of community members of comics; ·Contact the comics industry all over the world; ·Cultivate local comic talents.
It is crucial for the Hong Kong government to encourage the development of creative industries and strengthen education. In 2016, we launched two courses at the Open University of Hong Kong:

DA035 Professional Diploma in Commercial Comic Art
CA089 Professional Certificate in Commercial Comic Art

The purpose of this course is to provide systematic professional training for those who are interested in local comic creation, so that students can understand the characteristics and creative skills of comic books.
Public service course of the Open University of Hong Kong
Actively promote the benign development of the industry
Broaden Chinese culture and encourage social development