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Advancing Chinese Culture Through Technology and IP
As one of the largest comic book publishers and media content providers in Asia with nearly half a century's experience and dedication in the comic book industry. Culturecom's core ideology is to broaden Chinese culture and encourage social development. With the help of emerging technologies, we seek to create next-generation content to consumers of the digital era and breakthrough to new markets and new cultures.

Since 1970s, our comics have enjoyed wide recognition in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and amongst Chinese-speaking population in other regions around the globe. Culturecom owns over two hundred comic titles and the catalogue spans across various genres ranging from Martial Arts action to contemporary romance, targeting the full spectrum of comic book readers. Among them, our “Dragon Tiger Gate” and “Chinese Hero” hold records of Hong Kong's highest-selling weekly comic magazine and bi-weekly comic magazine respectively.

Innovative technology is another key pillar of Culturecom. In 1999, inventor of the Cangie Input Method and hailed as “The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, Mr. Chu Bong Foo joined Culturecom as our Chairman and led the Group to the forefront of the creative media and technology businesses.

On 15 September 2022, the Forever Honorary Chairman of Culturecom Holdings Limited and hailed as “The Father of Modern Chinese Computing”, and Chu Bong Foo Workshop (the “Workshop”) recently stated Dragon Chip, the world's first brain-like smart chip with Chinese algorithm as the underlying technology, has been developed, and will be mass-produced and applied to the brain-like computer market, driving the development of the industry 4.0 robotic brain-like intelligence industry.

To date, we continue to invest in enabling cultural technologies and assets, integrating creative cultural contents with advanced technological breakthroughs.

Imitation Brain Chinese-AI

Give the virtual world characters the ability of intelligent interaction, and establish a connection between human and non-human
Culturecom Comics



Business transformation seems daunting, but the Metaverse is a promising land that Culturecom is looking to take a footstep in with their comic IPs.



With the progress of the times, today's urbanites have a wide range of entertainment options. The comics that used to accompany the growth of Hong Kong people have become part of the collective memory



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